Security Technology

Find several articles and videos related to security technology, encryption, and design criteria for security products.

This video provides important background information for communication of sensitive data. It is an introduction to the following articles and videos, which give more detailed insight into the subjects.

Explains how data are encrypted in blocks for networking applications. AES is presented in more details. The data flow through AES is demonstrated. Improvements in form of additional rounds and multiple parallel working S-Boxes with different content are introduced.

New findings you should know, when you use AES. The “Holes” we found in the S-Boxes can lead to very efficient “Known Plaintext” and “Ciphertext Only” attacks.


We consider this a special type of side channel attack, because you would need to transport the holes out of the system. The following paper describes how holes can be found and how the key can then be calculated in seconds.



Click on here: On the security of AES Protection against such and other S-Box related attacks can be provided.



We will provide a video in the future to explain and demonstrate this findings.