Network Encryption

IP Cryptors - Overview

Our network encryption devices are called Cryptors. Cryptor products from Encryption Technology (ET) are known for their maximized security. The Cryptors are designed for applications where highest possible security and unparalleled reliability as well as ease of use is demanded. By using the ET Enhanced IPSec key management protocol and hardware encryption in specialized chips, the product is future proof. Reliability and extreme long lifetime are other outstanding properties of the Cryptor family.

  • Block cipher algorithms including customized algorithms in FPGA. Definable by the customers.
  • Enhanced IPSec key management protocol.
  • Throughput ranging from 150Mbps to 4x950Mbps full duplex.
  • Concurrent operation supports 5,000 to 32,000 endpoints in parallel.
  • Low operational power and 0 dB noise
  • High reliability, no mechanical moving components, no internal connectors

Cryptor 300

Cryptor 300 is the smallest in the Cryptor family. With throughput of 150Mbps in full duplex mode, the cryptor is capable of supporting up to 5,000 endpoints in any mesh topology. The cryptor is well suited for most of connections in IT applications, ranging from IoT, SCADA, control information to data exchange applications.

Cryptor 510

Same small size as Cryptor 300, Cryptor 510 has throughput of 400Mbps in full duplex mode and can support up to 10,000 endpoints in any mesh topology. The Cryptor can be used for applications from Data Center to Satellite stations, for example Securing IP connections between locations, Encryption of VoIP Telephony, Local Area Networks, Mobile Vehicles or Satellite connections.


Cryptor 700

Here is the standard gigabit cryptor, working at throughput of 950Mbps full duplex. This cryptor  can support up to 32,000 endpoints in any mesh topology. Cryptor 700 is designed for more demanding applications, such as the link between high performance network segments, the central decryption point for large remote user groups and the encryption of  gigabit LANs.

Cryptor 710

Cryptor 710 is the same physical size as cryptor 700, however, its throughput is doubled at 2 x 950 Mbps full duplex. Cryptor 710 is able to support military or satellite applications where high performance and security is critically demanded.