Global Admin

GlobalAdmin (GA) is a management system supporting complete range of Encryption Technology’s Data Diode and Network Encryption (Cryptor) products. GA manages the initial roll out of the products and also performs real-time configuration and monitoring during daily operations. From time to time, there are changes to network design which needs configuration data in Cryptors or Data Diodes to be updated. GlobalAdmin is an efficient tool to keep network security products up-to-date and secure.


Database content is encrypted using either standard AES encryption or customer defined algorithm. All encryption uses 256 bit long keys. For backup, all databases is encrypted and stored into a single container file.


All GlobalAdmin products are protected by a license key. This key is either delivered with an e-Identity USB Token (e-Identity) or USB based Hardware Security Modules (HSM Lion Token).

GlobalAdmin Lite

  • Entry level Management Software
  • Supporting:
  • – Up to 20 Cryptors and 20 Data Diodes

    – Unlimited number of endpoints

    (subnets behind Cryptors/Data Diodes)

  • Suitable for small networks/customers
  • Database content encryption using e-Identity
  • 2-factor authentication for Administrator
  • Single database supported to store all configuration data
  • Encrypted backup local or on network mapped drives

GlobalAdmin Professional

  • Intermediate level Management Software
  • Supporting:
  • – Unlimited number of Cryptors and Data Diodes

    – Unlimited number of endpoints

    (subnets behind Cryptors/Data Diodes)

  • Suitable for:
  • – Large organizations with multiple networks

    – Security Service Providers that serve multiple organizations

  • Database content encryption using HSM Lion Token
  • 2-factor authentication for Administrator
  • Multiple databases for multiple networks (clients) supported

Example of a company network managed by GA Professional

PDF  GlobalAdmin Brochure (0.5MB)